One of the most crucial and head-spinning decisions that one has to make is about his or her career. Career is one aspect, which will shape the rest of the course of your life. What you do, where you live, the type of people you meet, your standards of living, your personality, your mental aptitude, all these bank upon the type of career you choose for yourself.

Gone are the days when there was limited number of choices to choose from. With rapid development, various streams have emerged with tremendous opportunities to excel in. It’s easy to find job portals in India that list vacancies in almost every field. This has been a blessing in disguise as though it has opened gates to multiple sectors to work in, but which stream to choose and what career to take up has become an onus job.

Do not worry. These questions will help you narrow down your career choices so that you can opt for the right one.

  • What Is Your Passion?

Decide what you love and what your interests are. If you work on something you love, chances are you will enjoy success soon.

  • What Is the Type of Environment You Prefer?

The type of environment that you prefer largely depends on the type of your personality. Like for example, if you are an extrovert, then you are going to excel in fields that involve public speaking, communication and interaction with people like sales. But if you are an introvert then you might get attracted towards the field of research and analysis.

  • What Is the Lifestyle That You Are Looking For?

The type of lifestyle that you are looking for is dependent on your career. This includes everything – the work that you do, are you satisfied with your job and how much you earn. Though the initial pay is quite low, based on the type of profession you choose and the extent of expertise and skills that you acquire over time, the earnings keep on increasing.

  • Does This Career Choice Have a Future?

One of the major mistakes that a person makes while making a career choice is thinking about short term benefits. However, whatever decision you make, you should know the status and consequences of it at least 5 to 10 years down the line and see if there is still demand for your profession.


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