People are pining for Google Maps app on their iPhones and iPads and sources say that it might take a couple more months to get this app on iPhones.

Google is also developing maps application for iPad and iPhone and the company is seeking to finish developing the app by this year end. There are many rumors and widespread speculations about the release of maps application for the devices with iOS operating system.

Google is taking little time to complete building the app for iPhone. They are expecting the app to remain on the iPhone for some time and are based on the mutual contract between both the companies.

Services from Apple are widely scorned for erroneousness in addresses, landmarks, and other mislabelled errors. It is very much inauspicious to Google Maps. Apple also said that the new service will get improved very soon. They have received many critics this year from reviewers.

It is open to everyone that Google is pretty cautious in developing and providing Google Maps apps to the iOS devices. Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google said that the company has taken the initiative to provide Google Maps app for iDevices like iPads and iPhones.

However, Google has no intentions of building the Maps app for iOS. There are many other complicating factors involved in developing the app. Google contract with Apple keeps the map on the iPhone for more time. Now, Google is steering its business relationships in a tricky way with Apple day by day.

Apple has built replacement app since it wanted to begin a relationship with Google. iPhone 5 users can access Google maps via web browser.

There will be another complication in developing the maps app. Google will prefer releasing the map app that includes 3-D imagery, which is very much comparable with Apple’s map. However, Google also has 3-D imaging in Google Earth, which is a separate app with different code (again based on Google maps). It might take some time to combine the two codes.

Apple had traded their patent-infringement lawsuits with other smart-phone makers who use operating system Android, which again includes Samsung.

Google is stepping up to challenge Apple in tablet market and it is expecting to reach USD 78.7 billion for the year 2012 from previous year’s $44.9 billion. On Tuesday, Google has released its new Tablet, Nexus 7 in Japan.


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