Every job interview has some common questions that you should be prepared to answer. Having good answer for these questions shows your confidence and communication skills, as well as you can guide the interview by focusing on the areas of your strength.

I will be providing answering tips for these questions to help you in preparing for them, but you should evaluate it according to your job details and your profile.

Tell me about yourself?

Almost every interview starts with this question. You should provide short answer for this question focusing mainly on your work related topics, unless asked about anything else. It’s good to start with your highest qualification details and then provide details about different projects and companies you have worked for in order. If you are a fresher, you can provide details about your college projects or any summer training jobs you might have done.

Why are you looking for a change or why did you leave the last job?

Usually this question is asked to understand what you are looking for and are there any potential issues at your current or last work place. Regardless of the situation, you should answer it positively. You should never refer to problem with team, management, work schedule etc. It’s simple, nobody wants to hire a trouble maker and even if the situations are bad, there is no point of discussing them at the interview.

What do you know about the Company?

This is one question that needs some research before interview. Read about the company, their geographic presence, domain expertise, number of employees, any recent awards such as best places to work etc.

Why do you want to join this company?

Make sure you have some good points ready for the company, that will help you in moving forward your career. The points made here should be in line with your goals in professional life. Some examples are large organization, good company to work for, exposure to latest technologies etc.

Are you a team player?

Obviously you are a team player. Keep some points ready for this. If there are some employees reporting to you, make sure to mention how you helped them in learning new technologies and move forward their career. You can also mention how you helped your senior team members or other teams with your expertise in the area.

What are your salary expectations from this company?

Always avoid to give a concrete number for this question, because still your interview is not over. They are not 100% sure whether you are the right person for the job. Tell them that it depends on the work and ask them what is the salary range for the job?

Why should we hire you?

This is you chance to highlight your best qualities and your experience that the company needs. Don’t compare with anybody else, highlight your technical skills as well as soft skills such as people management, growth of the team, technical seminars etc.

That’s all for common job interview questions and tips from my experience, I hope it will help you in preparing for upcoming interview.




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