We’ve seen enormous transformation in the 3D animation industry during the past decade.Everything has developed and there is an ever increasing demand for traditional as well as 3D animators. To meet this ever increasing demand, many colleges have started offering animation courses, diploma and degrees. They also offer traditional animation courses, 3D animation courses and Visual Effects. Along with such courses, some of the good colleges provide foundation classes, 3D animation tutorials, personality development classes and career counseling too.

For most of the people, becoming a skilled, talented and successful animator is like a dream. Earlier, it was possible only after they attained the age of 20 or more. For developing a career like an animator, they need to clear their graduation and then find a good apprenticeship under a reputed animator. Also, a very few number of colleges were there for learning animation and getting degrees. This scenario has changed these days and now there is a clear way to get through a college and directly get an animation degree.

There is a lot to research to be done before you choose the perfect animation college. You opt for a college whose main aim is to teach the art of animation to its students. Some fake colleges just impart the software knowledge to its students, which does not help in any way to become an animator. To become an animator, you must be thorough with the basics of animation, so choose such a college that will make your base strong thereby bringing in you
the perfect as well as smart animator. Here is a list of some of the basic things for an
animator that he or she must learn:
1) Figure drawing
2) Still life drawing
3) Thumb nailing
4) Sketching
5) Storyboarding
6) Character designing
7) Perspective drawing
8) Pipelines
9) Principles
10) Cinematography
11) Layout designing

Thus, when you have to choose an animation college, don’t look at the software package,but rather try to see if the college provides proper training to draw a walk cycle. If you feel that you are not a good artist and don’t know how to draw well, don’t be upset as drawing needs practice. With time and effort, you will be a good artist for sure. In animation colleges, it is usually seen that students are scared about their first class of still life and cannot draw a simple box, but with hard work, they make it easy for themselves. Thus, to choose the best animation college is the most important task. Once you find it and get admission, you will become a successful, skilled and professional animator with hard work and daily efforts.


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